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Superior Security and Privacy

Storing data in the cloud is inherently more secure than storing data on traditional backup hardware like DVDs, hard drives, and tapes. When asked, 91% of small and midsized businesses agree, stating that the security of their organization has been positively impacted as a result of cloud adoption.1 That’s because instead of sitting on your desk or in your server room where disaster can strike, your data is encrypted and securely transferred to off-site data centers. So it’s safe from coffee spill to fires and everything in between.
Faster Recovery

Many cloud-based data solutions will back up your files automatically, all day long. So instead of waiting until the end of the week or the end of the month to manually back up, your data is protected as it’s being created. That means your recent backups are always a few clicks away. And the faster you recover your data, the faster you’re back in business.
Simpler Management

The truth is, backing up your business data to the cloud couldn’t be easier. The best solutions are designed to be intuitive, featuring centralized dashboards that make monitoring simple. You can see what’s being backed up and what’s already been backed up successfully, all at a moment’s glance. Plus, many industry-leading providers, like Carbonite, are also sold through IT consultants and resellers who can manage your cloud solution for you. What could be simpler than that?
Customizable Settings

Want to monitor backups by individual user? Want to cap the amount of bandwidth backups are using? Want to protect your data on-site and in the cloud? You can do all of that and more with leading cloud-based data solutions. That’s because many providers allow you to personalize your cloud solution so it works best for your company, whether that means custom alerts or a hybrid solution. Every business is different. Why should your backup solution be one-size-fits-all?
Scalable Solutions

As your business grows, so should your backup solution. Imagine labeling, organizing, and storing hundreds of hard drives full of data. When business booms and you’re moving full-speed ahead, that’s simply not an option. With cloud backup solutions, you can easily add more storage space. Or choose a provider like Carbonite that allows you to seamlessly upgrade to more robust products. After all, you’re planning for success. Make sure your backup solution is, too.

Ask how we can help you move your data solution to the cloud…

At Cybermania LLC, we’re committed to helping businesses like yours succeed, and that means protecting your data in the best way possible. We’re an authorized Carbonite Partner and we highly recommend Carbonite’s cloud-based solutions. They’re secure, automatic, simple, customizable, and they’re built to grow with your business.

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