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“Jaime is a talented and caring individual. She has been able to take our words and thoughts and turn them into a vision for our firm. In addition to doing an excellent job on the firm website Jaime designed our firm brochures and business cards. Our business cards are quite unique. We always receive compliments on the work Jaime has done for us. I would highly recommend Jaime without qualification.”
“There are times when you need an expert to clarify what seems beyond your tech savvy level with a WordPress blog. Jaime of Cybermania did just that for me. After she not only worked on the project I hired her to do, she also spent a good amount of time with me on the telephone. Offering me what seemed difficult, was actually simple. I know without her, I would still be trying to figure it out. An angel of tech wizardry!

Thank you Jaime for showing me how.”

Rabbi Andrea Frank, The Jewish Wedding Rabbi
“As a solopreneur, it’s essential to have a great and user friendly website, which up until a couple years ago I did not have but knew I needed. When I met Jaime and got to know her and her business acumen, I immediately knew it would be a great fit. All I had in my head was a general logo idea and some basic info I wanted to share. After sitting with Jaime for only a couple hours, she was able to pinpoint exactly what I was thinking and translate onto the screen and voila!! My website was finally a reality!! Since it’s launch in 2014, I have contracted with clients who reached out to me solely due to my website – it’s layout, it’s content and it’s accurate reflection of ME! Thank you, Cybermania, for making all my website dreams come true!!”
Rachel Sager, Professional Organizer, Owner, Restart With Rachel
Thank you notes from the grandparent and mother-of-the-bride after Lenny set them up so the grandparents could watch a live stream of their first grandchild’s wedding in Israel:

“Hi Lenny- I can’t thank you enough for what you did for my parents today! It meant the world to them to be able to see the wedding. It was a real mitzvah and I am so grateful! Thanks again and enjoy the rest of the weekend. All best, Claire”

“Would like to thank you again for being here and allowing us to see the wedding live. Couldn’t have done it without you and if had been someone else it would not have been the same. Your kindness and consideration enhanced out day. In Yiddish there is a word to describe you- you are a mensh- a special human being. Sincerely, Edith”

Claire & Edith
“Jaime is purely professional in performing functions dealing with both graphic design and website development/maintenance.

She does excellent, creative work, is always available, superb to work with, and makes excellent business recommendations. Her services are woth many times the money charged.

The other arm of Cybermania’s business revolves around building, selling, maintaining and repairing computers and networks. This work is done by Jaime’s father, Lenny Garry. Lenny is another person you can always count on.

It’s good to have Cybermania supporting my business. Cybermania’s assistance helps me sleep at night, with few of the worries that normally accompany having to depend on computers and networks in order to keep my business moving along, especially since I don’t have the time or the inclination to become highly technical.

Jaime and Cybermania are highly recommended!”

Michael Ivany, X-Strap Systems
Cybermania, throughout the years, has provided me with a professional online presence that surpasses other vendors. Jaime is easy to work and has a pleasant personality which makes for a great working relationship. Updates are fast and seamless. I have referred Cybermania to many other companies and they have all given me positive feed back. If you’re looking for a small webpage or a full-service e-commence website, you will be very satisfied with the work and experience you get from Cybermania.”
3 River Blades, www.3riverblades.com
“Jaime is good at what she does. I had some error issues on my site and in a few hours, she was able to fix it. She also corrected some other technical issues that were causing the site to not work properly. I’ve used her ever since! She takes good care of her clients. Love working with her!. You would too…”
Rayan James, RAJ Kitchen & Bath